The Health Benefits of Smiling

The Health Benefits of Smiling

It is said that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile yet not a lot of people opt to do the latter. Did you know that a child can smile up to 400 times each day? This is a feat for an adult but you can see the difference when it comes to the demeanor and general wellbeing of the adult compared to a child.

Smiling can literally lift anyone’s spirits according to studies conducted by many scientists. This is the easiest way to feel good about yourself and also to make other people happy around you.

Smiling can also improve a person’s confidence so if you are aiming to go up the career ladder, sometimes, all it really takes is to smile at your colleagues.

Smile as a Stress Reliever

Many diseases originate from stress. So if you want to get rid of stress the solution is pretty simple –just smile. There are many symptoms of anxiety which can be eradicated by simply smiling. If you can also slow down your breathing and alter your expression, then you may turn around the effects of anxiety or stress.

Stress reduction also lowers blood pressure as well as improves digestion. Blood sugar regulation and stopping neurotic reactions are also improved by smiling more so, yes, health-wise it would be much better to show your pearly whites rather than pout like a model!

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